moving through dimensions

by Hervé Perez and Wilhelm Matthies

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This collaborative work was made over the internet, sharing files, ideas and confronting our individual voices and ways to work.
Each track was approached in a distinctive way so that we could balance how much creative process each of us brought to the piece.
Tracks one and two were made as mirrors where one person generated samples which the other one manipulated and arranged-and vice-versa. As a contrast, track three was a longer process in which each of us participated in the arrangements as we both added layers of recordings to the piece.
This collaboration took place between the spring and mid summer 2011.

moving through dimensions

was released through Field Noise Records
April 15, 2012.
A free mp3 version is available


released April 15, 2012

inherited from the spirit
Wilhelm Matthies: kokeka
Hervé Perez: soprano sax, processing, sound design, arrangements

into the grove
Wilhelm Matthies: kokeka, bowed ceramic bowl, beads in metal and wood bowls, rhythm stick, arrangements
Hervé Perez: Soprano sax, processing

travels in the ten directions
Wilhelm Matthies: field recordings, bowed metallic bowl, kokeka using a short pick bow, Irish whistle, electronic sample processing, arrangements
Hervé Perez: filed recordings, soprano sax [improvisation recorded in Cubbley Church, Peak District, UK], meditation bowls and bells, arrangements

Wilhelm Matthies

Hervé Perez